Travolta’s Nephew Passes Away Only Months After His Wife.

John Travolta’s nephew Sam has spent away only months following the deficiency of his significant other. It, unfortunately, gives the idea that misfortune has struck his family by and by. 

In the no so distant past his better half, Kelly Preston died in July after an intense fight with bosom malignancy for a very long time. 

Presently he grieves the deficiency of his nephew Sam Travolta Jr. a 52-year-old screenwriter who died on September 23rd, his demise has just barely become visible. 

Despite the fact that the reason for Sam’s demise has not been unveiled, he died at his home in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. 

In 2015, Sam uncovered he was tolerating a stipend from his uncle because of the way that he was under monetary strain to take care of the tabs. 

John lost his better half Kelly Preston recently as she combat with bosom malignancy. 

The couple met in 1989 on the arrangement of The Experts and later wedded in 1991. They had three youngsters together. 

When his wife passed away John posted on Instagram saying that he was truly devastated. 

He continued to thank the doctors and said that he apologizes if the fans don’t hear from him in a while since he has to take care of kids at the moment. 

In 2009, John and Kelly lost their 16-year-old child Jet because of a seizure he had at the family occasion home in the Bahamas. 

The departure of a youngster for any parent is rarely simple however John transparently examined his recuperating cycle when he was confronted with Jet’s passing. 

John is now lamenting the unfortunate loss of his delightful spouse, this must be quite a terrible time for him. 

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