Three young brothers battle the same rare eye cancer

A family located in Atlanta, Georgia, is fighting a hard and long battle at the moment. Namely, their three young boys are experiencing retinoblastoma, which is a rare form of eye cancer. Their youngest son is only six months old, and currently, he started going through a six-month chemotherapy session. 

Only five years ago, the Rush family found out about the condition of their oldest son’s eyes. At that moment, Tristen was only a couple of weeks old. Angie and Aaron’s hands were forced, and they had to let their son go for extended treatment at the Children’s Hospital at Atlanta.

After only two years, the Rush family had another child, Caison, and once again had to go through the same set of treatments. Their middle child, Caison, was only a week old when they discovered his condition, and he had to start with the treatment.

And, Carter, their youngest one, was born only six months ago. And, now, on January the 6th, the Rushes found out that he too had retinoblastoma, and he had it on both of his eyes.

Yes, I know that a lot of you might find this shocking, but for Angie and Aaron, this made sense. Simply because of the fact that the couple knew that Angie had suffered from retinoblastoma when she was a child. And, doctors warned her that there’s a 50 percent chance of her passing the disease to her kids.

When speaking to 11 Alive, Angie stated that she is constantly feeling guilty for what happened. But, that she’s happy that she got three little, beautiful angels.

Despite the fact that they just started taking Carter to chemotherapy, the family is pretty optimistic about his future.

Jeanne Rush, the grandmother, stated that the boys are warriors.

There’s a GoFundMe set up in order to get them some money to help them pay the ever-rising medical bills while they take all three boys for treatments.

I hope that the boys heal from the retinoblastoma and can live a happy life after that. Also, I hope that the family gets the financial help that they need to go through these tough times.

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