This man has 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizers but nowhere to sell them

If you are not living under a rock you might have heard of the contagious virus that is spreading around the world. Well unfortunately due to this Coronavirus being so contagious people have to have perfect hygiene. 

Using hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes and masks are crucial when a pandemic is around the corner. The USA had its first death from the disease on the first of March. 

This means that there are two ways people see this kind of news, either they are panicked and rushing to the stores to buy hygiene products and medicine to protect themselves or they are the people that profit out of a bad situation. 

Matt and Noah Colvin are two brothers that reacted differently to the news of the coronavirus hitting the US. They simply hopped in their truck and headed out to all the stores they could think of in their area and emptied them out of all hand sanitizer they had. They wiped out mainly dollar tree stores and Walmart. 

Not only did they do that in their hometown in Tennessee, but they also road all the way to Kentucky to follow the same procedure. 

Honestly, it makes me sick to my gut to see people profit off of a world crisis like this. Why can’t these people become millionaires during times of world people, but they have to wait for a pandemic to make some money. It is truly disturbing to see that there are greedy people like this out there who want to profit out of other people’s sufferings. 

There are a lot of sellers like this man right here who have tried to do the same and they have succeeded up to one point. They have managed to make some money, by getting crucial medical things such as masks, hand sanitizers or wipes for a cheap price and selling them for a really salty one.

Once Amazon, eBay, and other sites saw this was happening, they banned a lot of sellers on Amazon and warned others. It is a real shame to see people trying to get rich in a pandemic. Such things can help us prevent the virus from going further. Things like face masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and wipes are crucial for the people that are not infected yet.

If these sellers would not go on Walmart or other places and wipe out the whole sections, then the poor people would have had things to keep their hands and face clean and avoid the virus. But no. These sellers felt no remorse and wasted no time to go a grab whatever they could and leave people in the hands of fate.

But it is their karma because they are now stuck with that entire product that they cannot sell on Amazon. And the worst part is that they barely feel any remorse. This man that we are talking about thinks he has done a public service by taking the supplies where the demand is the highest. 

Honestly, this is obscene and it just shows clearly how greedy and evil humans are. Waiting to fill their pockets and their bank accounts in times of moral crisis. It is such a shame.

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