This is what you should do if you hate your job

A person that hates their job is not anything new. It has been around since the first jobs were created. People hate their jobs for numerous reasons like:

  1. Their job being too boring
  2. Having a schedule that you hate 
  3. The company has too many strict policies 
  4. The job does not fulfil your purpose

Doing a job that you hate can feel like a part of you is dying day by day. It drains all your energy and it makes you feel like you are a prisoner of it. If you have this kind of problem then you just need to believe that it is fixable. 

Where did it all go wrong? Some of you have graduated from college and are now stuck doing something you hate just to pay the debt of your education, house, car, and so on. The first step into getting out of this trap is changing your mentality. 

First, you need to understand that doing a job you hate is no different than being a slave. You are basically forcing yourself to work to survive. Basically what is keeping you alive is fear. The fear of being jobless and not being able to provide. 

Start by finding what you are really passionate about. What you can do for the rest of your life and always love doing it. Whether it is painting, writing, farming, taking care of people, web development, etc. you need to find it out as soon as possible. 

The next thing you need is a way you can turn your passion into a profession. Master what you love doing in your free time until you become exceptional at it. Meanwhile, you need to keep yourself from ending up in the same loop from hell, so the best thing to do is to follow mentors (Dan Lok, Robert Kiyosaki, Dan Pena, etc.) for guidance and motivation. 

Start applying on online courses, read books and practice what you are passionate about. This might take months or even a year or two but in the end, you will have developed a high-income skill that you can now transform from a hobby or side hustle to a real high paying profession you love. 

If you will use your high-income skill to apply to a job do it. Even if you face rejection numerous times do not stop, there will always be a company out there willing to hire you for what you love doing. 

If you are willing to become a freelancer or entrepreneur the road and patience will be longer, the things you need to know will increase but it will all be worth it after a few years. You will have quit your pitiful job and achieved your dreams also. 

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