These stay at home dads are breaking society’s rules and are letting their wives work

There are a lot of types of families around the world but the most common one is the one where the father works all day to bring a paycheck home in order to pay the bills and the mother stays at home and takes care of the kids and does the household chores. This is more of a social norm and is thought of like the picture-perfect family. But lately, some families have decided to change this. Some are shifting their family roles and instead of the man working the woman is going to work and bringing home a paycheck while the dad is taking care of the children. 

This does work when the parents decide to cooperate with each other. Both me and my wife were kind of raised in this kind of environment. In the first years of our lives both our fathers worked and our mothers stayed at home but when we were teens our families shifted. Both of our mothers started full-time work. In my household my father would wake up and cook us breakfast and get us ready for school. Then when we would come from school he would have dinner ready for all of us. 

The life we lived was still normal and we had no problem living like that. But this does not always work due to lack of collaboration in the family. It is all due to the stubbornness of some people. My wife and her family were not that lucky and when her parent’s role shifted and her mother was the worker in the family her dad still thought that he had done too much for the family and that he should no longer contribute to household chores and raising the family.

My wife’s mother would go to work for 9 hours straight and come home to find the whole house a big mess. It was just so sad because no one really appreciated her at all. She had no other choice than to do work at home and out of the home. The end results were expected. Due to her dad’s stubbornness of not taking care of the children and not doing anything around the house the family split and split up horribly, and not in a peaceful way. 

This left my wife with a ruined family. But still, there are other families that end up worse than that. Families with deadbeat fathers. These families are left with the poor mother often ending up working two or even three jobs just to feed her children. The struggles for some families are very hard because of evil people that continue to walk on this planet. 

So for us, that was raised with dads that were there for us should be thankful that they had been taken care of and not lived below their means. Fathers that care for us are very important to be appreciated and to be loved because they sacrifice so much for us to have a good upbringing. 

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