Theme park ride you can experience from home

Since self-isolation and quarantine became a worldwide obligation, people have been spending their days stuck at home. Alone, with family or with friends, staying at home can be entertaining for a while, but it has been a few weeks now, and people are starting to get bored. Even though there are countless games for you to play and millions of movies and TV series you can watch, those activities can get boring pretty quickly. People have been looking for new things to do while they are stuck at home.

One thing that is becoming a new trend is experiencing the majority of the Disney park rides from home. We all know that all of the Disney parks around the world are closed right now, but they are still offering people to experience the rides form the comfort of their homes. Many rides from the parks have been posted on YouTube, and many of them even have a 360-degree view. If you have a VR set at home, some videos can be watched through the VR for eve a more thrilling experience.

Finish what you are doing right now and try it out. We know you are bored from all of those movies and games you are playing with your family, so open YouTube and search for one of these rides.

It’s A Small World

If your kids at home are getting bored or start to do things that suggest they are bored, sit them down, put on the video of this ride, and watch their mood liven up. Colorful scenes, realistic characters, and catchy songs will catch the attention of your little one and keep them occupied for some time.

Space Mountain

You may have already seen videos on social media from parents making roller coaster cars using a laundry basket, putting their little ones inside, and turning the video on the TV from this ride. As the ride goes on, the parents move according to the video, and the kids are beaming with joy through the ride.

Frozen Ever After

Parents all over the world are familiar with the Frozen movies, and with Frozen 2 coming out earlier this year, we guarantee that kids would love checking out this ride.

Little Mermaid: Ariel’s Undersea Adventure

We all know the iconic Little Mermaid movie, and this ride like the majority aren’t nausea-inducing. Because they are moving slow, they are increasing the experience and the opportunity for you to see every bit of the ride.

Splash Mountain

It may not be as exciting as being on it and getting soaking wet, which is the whole point of the ride, but it is still interesting to watch it.

Mystic Manor

Many Americans will not know about this ride because it isn’t featured in the American parks, but why restrict yourself from experiencing a fantastic ride.

Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

There is a lot of Start Wars fans around the world, and this is a great ride to see all of your favorite characters.

Hogwarts Express

Disney isn’t the only theme parks that have their ride posted on YouTube for you to enjoy. Universal Studios also has a bunch of ride like the Hogwarts Express, for all of you Harry Potter fanatics.

This was just a little look into how much fun these videos can be. We didn’t even mention all of the rides you can find online. We just hope that we have given you a new idea on what to do while you sit at home.

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