Studies Show That People That Cannot Recognize Emotions Tend To Have Right Political Views.

Did you know that emotional intelligence has to do with which party you go to vote for? Like for example, a recent study shows that people with the right political views have a hard time recognizing their emotions. I am not really surprised. Because the country where I’m from has shown this to be so true. People who vote for the right part here tend to be violent, cause riots, and even burn buildings. This shows that these people have a hard time recognizing their emotions and that they have low emotional intelligence. But anyway, now that this is scientifically proven by the study I can finally win the argument with my democratic uncle.

It’s not that I’m lefty or anything, As a matter of fact, I cannot stand politics I think they are all corrupt and they are all part of the same mob, the same criminal organization. But these recent studies got me curious. Because recently the Democratic Party my country has been setting the parliament on fire, hitting the Prime Minister with eggs and whatnot, and they are still out there in the street not in jail. So I’m guessing this study is correct. No person in their right mind and a person with high emotional intelligence who can control the wrong feelings would do this. These are on the act of uneducated beasts.

People who are emotionally intelligent tend to be more open to opportunities, and have more empathy. This study was introduced in Belgium but the idea was developed in the University of Yale around the 1990s. Just take a moment to observe the right-wing political parties in your country or state. And see are they in their right mind, can they control their feelings?

Because somebody who is emotional intelligence can be a gentleman about stuff. But the leader of the Democratic Party in my country is completely out of control, has had outrageous outbursts of emotional explosion and moments that turned him from a leader to joke. And his supporters are no better. Like I said they take part in violent riots and start burning buildings for no reason. The socialist party, on the other hand, isn’t the same. I mean they are all the same crooks, but at least these guys can control their emotions, and not burn a bridge or throw Molotovs at the parliament just because they feel angry at the system.

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