Sisters take a photo each year, for more than 35 years

It all began as a family photo when four sisters took a photo back in 1976. But the photographer saw something more in the women. The energy they gave out when they were together, and the bond was something special.

Nicholas Nixon kept on taking photos of the sisters for more than 35 years. Each year they would take one photo together. And even though the photos showed how time takes a toll on people, the Brown sisters’ photos showed that no matter how many years have passed, the sisters’ love and affection had never changed.

Nineteen seventy-six

Nineteen seventy-seven

Nineteen seventy- eight

Nineteen seventy-nine

Nineteen eighty

Nineteen eighty-one

Nineteen eighty-two

Nineteen eighty-three

Nineteen eighty-four

Nineteen eighty-five

Nineteen eighty-six

Nineteen eighty-seven

Nineteen eighty-eight

Nineteen eighty-nine

Nineteen ninety

Nineteen ninety-one

Nineteen ninety-two

Nineteen ninety-three

Nineteen ninety-three

Nineteen ninety-four

Nineteen ninety-five

Nineteen ninety-six

Nineteen ninety-seven

Nineteen ninety-eight

Nineteen ninety-nine

Two thousand

Two thousand and one

Two thousand and two

Two thousand and three

Two thousand and four

Two thousand and five

Two thousand and six

Two thousand and seven

Two thousand and eight

Two thousand and nine

Two thousand and ten

Two thousand and eleven

Two thousand and twelve

Two thousand and thirteen

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