Sharon Osbourne has posted a video speaking about the coronavirus

Recently Sharon Osbourne has made an announcement that has left fans a bit shocked. It was all about the current situation with the coronavirus. It has been known that this year has been pretty hard for the Osbourne family. And with a video that has been posted online by Sharon, it seems that it isn’t getting better anytime soon.

To learn more about what we are talking about just keep on scrolling. Also, at the end, there is the video that Sharon posted.

Sharon is quite a talented individual.

Sharon was born in London, England in 1952. With time she became the person she is today.

Sharon decided to get into the music business.

Because of her father, Don Arden who was a music manager, Sharon grew up and was around rock stars all the time. When she grew up she decided that she wanted to do what her father did, because she knew the industry pretty well.

Everything changed in 1970.

At that time her father became the manager of a certain heavy metal band called Black Sabbath.

This is how Sharon met Ozzy.

It was pretty obvious that Sharon and Ozzy were going to be together. They were spending a lot of time together and were pretty close all the time.

After seeing each other for years and touring the world, in 1982 the couple got married.

Together they had three children named, Aimee, Kelly, and Jack.

At this point, Sharon had become Ozzy’s manager.

When Ozzy got kicked out of Black Sabbath, Sharon took over as his manager. The couple had struggled with alcohol abuse, substance abuse and they would always argue with each other.

Sharon was known to be a businesswoman.

Sharon got together with MTV, and they decided that it was time to film the reality show, ‘The Osbourne’s’.

People knew who they were, but this time they got the opportunity to check out their private life.

The show was a success and it allowed the fans to see how they were living their life. It was all because of Sharon.

As the show grew bigger, Sharon was no longer referred to as Ozzy’s wife. She gained a lot of new fans and the old ones could see that she had charisma and was a pretty funny person. She became a celebrity of her own.

Eventually, the show had to come to an end and Sharon had to find something else to do. It was not until 2007 when she got invited to be a judge at America’s Got Talent and later in the British show, The X Factor.

More jobs followed.

In 2010, she became a panelist on The Talk, where she gets the opportunity to interview and talk to various famous people. She has done it all and she was great at everything she did.

Like every successful person, there were always some bumps in the road.

But those bumps never stopped her for pursuing what she wanted to do or become.

But today with the whole pandemic and the coronavirus affecting many people, Sharon also has been affected. She even came out on social media to share some bad news. Her fans were there to write some positive messages and wish her all well.

She appeared on The Talk, but through an online call.

There the 67-year-old told her co-host and informed her fans that she has been quarantining because her granddaughter Minnie came back positive for the virus.

Minnie is only 3-years-old.

Fortunately, Minnie and the rest of the family were healthy and everyone that has seen or been in contact with Minnie has been notified about the news and will get tested as well.

Sharon said that she would have loved to be with her co-host at the studio but because of her granddaughter’s positive test she had to stay at home. Everyone was healthy and he doesn’t have the virus herself.

Sharon also sent a message to her fans.

She said that she desperately wants to see them and that she only has one more week to be in quarantine. She added that she is doing test regularly and that all of them until now have been negative.

To make matters worse, one more family member has had some health issues.

It has been said that Ozzy is not suffering from Parkinson’s disease, but there is no news if he has been affected by the coronavirus.

Below you can see the full video that Sharon posted.


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Hear why I couldn’t be at the in studio season premiere. I’ll be back VERY soon! ❤️

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The only thing to do now for Sharon is to stay home and stay safe.

We would like to send all our love to the Osbourne family and wish them all well.

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