Only One In Nine People Can Figure Out This Puzzle.

This shirt image has people going totally insane all over the internet. One simple question is asked and all you have to do is figure out the right answer. Only one in nine people give the right answer. How many holes does this T-shirt have?


The tricky question right? Indeed, because it all depends on the perspective. Are we talking about the whole shirt or the main holes in the front? I was wrong the first time that I tried to guess the answer. Let me give you a hint… the question is about the ‘hole’ shirt, (pun indented). The answer is 8. Let me explain:

  1. 4 are the cut out holes since they are in the front and back.
  2. One hole is on top for the neck and one on the bottom.
  3. Two holes are the sleeves.

That gives you 8 holes. So here you have it. You’re one in nine people who know the answer now.

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