Nurses using babywearing while taking care of premature babies.

I think my mother used a babywearing on me when I was little as she would do some house chores. Babywearing is a cute way of taking care of your baby while making sure that your hands are free for you to do other things. On the other hand, babywearing is known for having good effects on babies as they get to stay close to their mother or to the person who is taking care of them. In this case there are these nurses who are holding premature babies on babywearing while making sure to take care of them.

Being born prematurely can increase the dangers a person can face related to health issues. I was born only two weeks before I was supposed to and I have been through an awful lot amount of diseases until the age of nine. It was hellish and I don’t wish this to anyone. At least I was lucky enough to have nurses that would take good care of me and I hope that they held me on babywearing like these nurses are doing with these babies. Not only are these photos cute but they show the compassion that a nurse has for a baby.

This type of method is not only used by nurses but also by mothers and it is becoming a worldwide trend. Babywearing lets the mother keep the baby on her chest while she is doing chores or even walking in the streets. It lets the mother’s hands be free so she could multi-task. The babywearing is proven to create a very strong bond between the parent and baby, and it also makes the baby feel safe at all times.

Recently there have been nurses using this method with premature babies or with babies with complications that need to spend their first months in the hospital and not at home. The sweet nurses do this because the baby’s parents are not always around and only come to see the baby for a couple hours a day, so these nurses have found the perfect way to give these babies the human affection they need, and not leave them alone for their first days into this earth. 

These nurses are the real heroes because the babywearing method they use is proven to give the baby health benefits. By giving human affection the baby feels safer and does not stress as much. All this leads to the baby gaining weight faster and also the heart and lungs start functioning better. It is not easy for these nurses to keep a baby with babywear and continue to do their job as a nurse. It is quite hard and super tiring, plus the baby might start crying from time to time. But taking all these hardships aside these nurses still manage to go through with their day because they know that they are making a big difference and improving a newly born soul. 

Thinking about it these nurses are truly heroic because even though they do not get thanked and are definitely going to be forgotten by the babies when they grow, they still do it. They are the true saviors we need to appreciate more.

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