Mother finds dog sleeping next to her daughter and decides to take a video.

Animals tend to hide in places that you cannot find them sometimes. I cannot remember how many times I have seen a cat get lost and then found out of nowhere. When I was in the Netherlands and I was staying at a friend’s house, he had two cats. They would hide in places you would not even imagine and they would not come out for a whole day. Then the next day you would see them out of nowhere, popping up as nothing has happened.

Dogs tend to do this too from time to time. They just hide places and you have to search the entire house to find them. But how about when you are done searching everywhere possible and you still cannot seem to find your dog? Then you would automatically assume that he has run away. But that is not always the case. Maybe you haven’t searched every place possible. Maybe he is somewhere that you would not even think about, sleeping in his coziness. And then you finally find him crawled someplace, sleeping indeed.

This is the case of this mother that found her dog crawled in her baby girl’s bed after she had searched the entire house looking for him. The woman had searched practically everywhere for the dog. She had searched in the kitchen, in the living room, in the guest’s room. She had searched outside thinking maybe he had gone out from the open door. She had searched the backyard, but no signs of the dog whatsoever. Then she went upstairs and the only place where she had not looked was her daughter’s room since her daughter was sleeping in there.

Once she walked in the room, there he was crawled up next to the toddler, sleeping. He was warm covered in a blanket and laying down next to the little girl. The woman decided to take her phone and take a video of that moment and so she did. The video has gone viral after being posted as people are saying all kinds of things about the dog and the little girl. They look so cozy together. I am also going to sleep now, except that I don’t have a dog. 

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