Little girl thinks she found Santa while she was shopping with her family 

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and soon we will start to go shopping to buy our loved ones those gifts they always wanted and of course, to look at all those decorations and get in that Christmas spirit. I remember when I was little I always went shopping with my family. There was no chance that my siblings and I would not see a guy dressed up as Santa. Our parents always encouraged us to go and talk to him so they can take some photos and of course they were hoping he could give us a free toy. 

I had one problem with Santa though, I was creeped out that I had to have a conversation with an old man I did not even now. From the white beard to the bubbly shoes I thought the whole dude was wacky. I do not know why I felt like that. I guess I was a weird kid because all of the other kids would hardly wait to have a chance to meet Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. This girl could not wait either. She did not even wait for Christmas to come to meet Santa. 

Sophie was just a little girl at the time she had also gone shopping before Christmas. During her shopping, she saw an old man with a white beard and a red shirt and she thought she found Santa. She could not take her eyes off the old man and eagerly wanted to talk to him and tell him all about her and how she makes cookies for Santa and his reindeer every Christmas Eve. Sophie’s dad saw that his daughter really wanted to go and talk to ‘Santa’ so he encouraged her to approach him. Sophie did not think twice and ran up to the old man and asked: “Santa, is that you?” 

The old man looked at her and was delighted to pretend and be Santa for a few minutes so he said yes he was Santa. At this time Sophie’s older sister was recording her cute interaction with ‘Santa’. Sophie showed him her well-painted nails and also told him that he will have his milk and cookies ready for him at Christmas. But warned him not to eat all the cookies and to eat only one because the rest would be for the reindeer. The old man was so happy to play the role of Santa for this little girl and said that moment was just heartwarming. 


The video that Sophie’s sister had caught was uploaded that same day and to no one’s belief went viral in days being viewed millions of times. The family soon got invited to a talk show to discuss the whole happening of their daughter meeting Santa and not only that, but ‘Santa’ was there to surprise little Sophie also. The moment the two met again just melted everyone’s heart.


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