Dolphins join to the woman who was waterboarding.

The sea is filled with amazing creatures. They can be funny, they can be dangerous or they can be friendly. I remember one time that I was swimming in the deep waters, at least 100 meters far from the seashore. The beach where I was at was called Sea Turtle and it had a reason for that. You could find sea turtles everywhere. I mean sea turtle of all sizes. And I was unprepared for what I saw that day. While swimming, I saw a huge dark like a shadow below me, deep in the water. I started going back to the shore when I hear this loud animal sound and a huge turtle appeared on the surface. I was terrified and amazed. Luckily it was friendly.

A common event happened to a woman recently while she was waterboarding with her boyfriend. They decided to go to the waters of the Sea of Cortez, in the Gulf of California. While she was waterboarding, her boyfriend turned his head to look at her and he saw a pack of animals approaching her from behind. It was a whole pack of dolphins accompanying her in her water board ride. As you can see from the photos the moment was amazing.

look at this!

It seemed like the dolphins were worried that the woman was in trouble and they quickly approached her and when they noticed that she was fine then they decided to ride the ocean water with her. It was truly a breathtaking experience where you see mixed a human sport and animal compassion altogether. Wyatt Miller, the boyfriend of the woman said that this one of the most memorable moments of his life and of course he did not forget to take a picture of it.


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