Is rage the new way to meditate and practice mindfulness?

I am the kind of person that likes to go jogging and meditate every morning. It really helps me with the mental breakdown that I have been going through this year. I have read about this new way of yoga called Rage Yoga where people meditate through anger. It kind of makes sense because of I also rap and rap mostly consists of angry poetry and when I do it, it helps. I can feel it relieves me and it allows me to put out a lot of negative energy that’s in me.

Lindsay Istace is the inventor of Rage Yoga and according to her, you can do this by taking certain positions and letting out the bad humour to then reach a level of calmness. While it may be true, is not quite the mediation that I do, and is the very first time I read about it actually. Lindsay couldn’t adapt in a regular Yoga class so she decided to create something unique and a place where she could really be at peace. Everyone needs to let out a certain amount of rage from time to time or else you explode.

Mainly, meditation consists of getting in touch with yourself while you remain calm and stay present to be fully aware of the true nature of your mind. But that is not always the case according to one of the instructors at a Rage Yoga class. Letting out this bad emotion helps you accept them as they are and that is one way of getting in touch with what’s really inside of you.

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