Funny Women Tweets that Will Put A Smile On Your Face.

I must admit that I am not very much of a Twitter person. I just can’t seem to express myself through social media. I am more of a poetic soul who also likes Instagram stories. The best that I can do on social media, (except for motivational posts), is express my feelings on Instagram stories. 

For example, when I am sad, I will either write something on my story or I will film something and put sad music behind it. Like one time I had a huge fight with my ex and I filmed only one of my eyes crying, put a black and white effect on it and a sad song, then posted it.

I know, I know it sounds too childish but hey, I am still growing. However, sadness aside and let’s talk about funny things. Like these tweets from some women who just made my day. I just cannot seem to stop looking at them. 

The way they brutally and honestly express what they mean and feel is amazing. I can never do that on Twitter and trust me I have tried to do that many times over and over.

I mean one woman complains about Netflix scary movies previews while she is looking to see something romantic, while the other one complains about being called a ‘ma’am’ while she is still young. I mean their reactions are fantastic and I even get to learn something from it. 

Because I am a man you see and I really don’t percept things the way women percept them. That is why I find them really funny. And it sparks curiosity in me because we have different perceptions. And that’s what makes life beautiful, our differences.

Women who find it funny that men speak over women to those that love seeing people panic at karaoke when they realize how long & repetitive their song is. A woman tells all her traumas starting from the lightest to the hardest. I mean these tweets are just pure gold.


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