Funny Masks People Are Wearing To Protect From Coronavirus.

Coronavirus has people either quarantined inside their homes or running around scared wearing face masks and gloves. In fact the situation has reached such a point where people are not finding anymore masks available on the stores. Since everyone is out trying to buy more and more protective gears, stores are running out of stock rapidly. This situation has people doing all kinds of things to protect themselves. People are going about their day wearing all kinds of this on their head, only to protect from the virus. 

You have people wearing cartoon bags with two poked holes for the eyes in them. 

You have people cutting a water bottle from one side and wearing it as a face mask.

In fact the situation is not just bad. It’s completely out of hand. People are using almost everything they can find as a face mask. 

From a horse mascot…

… to a women periods pads.

They are wearing blanket bags as body and face masks.

Some people are even using underwater masks to go out. 

However you must not forget that these measurements do not really protect you in case an infected person sneezes or coughs next to you. You need real face masks with triple layers and these masks must be disinfected every time you wear them. 

A senior citizen is seen wearing even red underwear above their mouth and nose. 

A half of bra would do the job just fine. 

COVID-19 is still hitting the world like never before and we must all be very careful when we go out. The best way to protect ourselves is through social distancing, frequent hands washing, disinfecting often the places where we stay and being vigilant at anytime. Sometimes a lack of vigilance is what causes people to get the virus. So stay safe.


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