Dog calls his owner that was at work

You certainly have heard one of your friends, or you yourself have said how smart your dog is. Most people, when you say that, the things that come to mind first are that you have trained him to sit, stay, roll over, fetch, and other tricks that most dogs can do if appropriately trained. Some dogs know a lot more than just those basic tricks and commands. Take Stanley, an Airedale Terrier that called his owner from home while she was at work.

One morning, Stanley’s owner left for work even though she wasn’t feeling good, and left him home with his other owner. Once she left, Stanley sat at the door, waiting for her to come back. He sat there thinking she would be right back, he remained sat at the door for hours, until he realized that she wasn’t coming back soon. At one point, he stood up and started roaming around the house looking for something else to pass the time.

The man that was with him at home noticed that he wasn’t in a good mood since his owner left, so he decided to make Stanley breakfast. He came near the bowl, took one or two bits, and didn’t want to eat the rest of the food. You could feel that he was distracted and that he wasn’t going to get better until he heard or saw his owner.

At one point, his owner called in to give the information that she took a double shift and that she wasn’t going to come back for another six hours. From the moment the phone rang, Stanley was near the man knowing that his owner was on the other side of the call. When he hung up the phone, he told Stanley the news, he didn’t understand, but he looked upset that he could only hear her voice and not see her.

After the call ended, Stanley sat down in the living room and watched the man playing on his phone for a while. After a few minutes, the man put down his phone and went to the bathroom. Once he left the living room, Stanley bolted to the phone and managed to hit redial with his nose.

The phone started ringing, and his owner picked up. She was saying hello a couple of times until Stanley started barking with joy. With the bark, you could see how much Stanley missed her and couldn’t wait for her to come back home. The man was able to capture the whole thing on video and later posted it on social media. His owner, in the end, said that she loved him and that she will be home soon. At that point, you could see how happy Stanley became.

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