Dad Is Furious After Finding Out His Parents Were Bullying His Kids – Kicks Them Out During The Pandemic

When it seems that raising teenage kids on your own is challenging enough, some people, especially the ones closest to us, don’t make it any easier. On the contrary, these two elderly parents of a single dad of two have not only not shown any support, but kept constantly criticizing his daughter and son.

The story comes from an author on r/AITA and divorced dad, who’s in full custody of the 16-year-old boy named Marcus and 15-year-old Maria. The problems started when his “higher risk” parents moved into the family’s house to stay during the pandemic.

“They would both always comment (to me) about their behaviors and hobbies with comments such as ‘He’s not very manly’ or ‘that’s not very ladylike’ and other such comments,” wrote the dad about his mom and dad being needlessly mean to his kids.

But at one point, the tense situation reached a boiling point and the dad kicked them out. Now, unsure if it was the right thing to do, he turned online to ask for advice.

The single dad of two teenage kids had enough of his elderly parents criticizing their behavior and personalities, so he kicked them out of his house amid the pandemic

Image credits: Stevan Sheets (not the actual photo)

And this is what people had to comment on the whole incident

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