Baby Dies In Hot Car After Stingy Father Refused To Break The Window.

Baby Dies In Hot Car After Stingy Father Refused To Break The Window.

People have been telling me how there is something quite unique about becoming a parent. Watching your child grow up and live everyday gives you some kind of inspiration that is incomparable to anything else.

Sidney Deal, 27 from LA, however has proved to be one monstrous father after he let his toddler baby girl die in the hot car. He forgot the keys inside the car and it was locked so he could not get his baby out. 

He then called the police to try to help him get the girl out. The police officers offered to break the car window in order to save the girl but Sidney refused to do so saying that he could not afford to pay for a new car window. But is the life of a child less important than that of a baby.

The officers even offered to get a tow truck or a locksmith to open the door but Sidney continued to refuse and he called his brother, to call his mother, to call the insurance company to send a locksmith. That’s one hell of a long procedure right there.

After some time the officers could not wait anymore and they smashed the window to get the baby outside of the car but she was already unconscious and died at the scene. The doctors have not claimed any cause of death yet but the baby girl stayed in the hot car for more than half an hour.

The story gets interesting because Sidney’s brother has told the authorities a slightly different version. He claims that Sidney told him that he had accidentally locked the one year old inside the car but had left the air conditioner running. 

Once his brother got to the scene, he wrapped his shirt around his hand and wanted to break the window, but Sidney wanted the insurance company to take care of it, since he didn’t have the money to fix the broken window. 

Sidney’s girlfriend told to the police that she called the insurance company but Sidney told her to hang up on them after he didn’t agree to pay for the quotes tow price that they had offered. 

Now the baby has passed away and Sidney is being held by the police in jail on a $20,000 bond in order to get released. If he had broken the window earlier, the baby would have survived and he would only have to pay for the broken window.

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