Baby boy born with snow-white hair dubbed “Prince Charming”

Every expecting mother wonders what her child will look like. Will the little bundle of joy resemble a family member, or they will be simply beautiful in their own, unique way? Well, that’s not even important as long as the baby is born healthy.

Little baby boy Bence from Székesfehérvár, Hungary, was welcomed into the world in 2015. But he wasn’t like most babies. Sweet Bence was born with snow-white hair so doctors and nurses at the hospital called him Prince Charming during his stay. However, no matter how cute Bence looked, his parents were worried that something could be wrong with him and wanted to know the reason behind his long and white hair.

Doctors suspected he had a condition known as albinism, a congenital disorder which results in complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. After thorough research, it was determined baby Bence didn’t have albinism but he did have low melanin, which caused his hair to be of that distinctive color.

Despite the hair, which worried his parents at first, baby Bence was a perfectly normal and healthy baby. Doctors said that over time, his hair will probably get darker. ”It is rather a local and likely a temporary pigment shortage, the hair of the boy might get darker in a couple of years,” they explained.

Bence’s parents were relieved and never assumed that the photos of their Prince Charming would gather such attention. Millions of people have seen little Bence and they all agree he was the cutest boy ever.

You can take a look at the story in the video below. Make sure you share it with your friends.

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