Autistic boy builds the world’s largest Titanic replica using 56,000 Lego bricks

One thing that most kids love playing with are the legos. A great number of beautiful creations can be made using these tiny interlocking plastic bricks, all you need is a creative mind and some artistic skills, pretty much like those possessed by a young boy named Brynjar Karl Birgisson.

In the case of Brynjar, these bricks not only helped him create the largest replica of the Titanic when he was just 10 years old, but also helped him with his autism and his inability to put words together.

According to him, he was able to speak until the age of three, and then out of the blue, he had a hard time producing sentences. Speaking to My Autistic X Factor, this clever boy said: “Suddenly, I couldn’t say all the things I wanted to say. All the words I had learned disappeared into a fog […] I changed from a happy boy into an unhappy and lonely boy. I felt behind, trapped in my fog…I wasn’t able to put words together.”

At the age of 5, Brynjar was diagnosed with autism. From words, he turned to pictures which helped him learn. Over time, sweet Brynjar developed passion for legos and ships, and that resulted in an incredible creation of the largest Titanic replica ever. “It took 11 months and 700 hours to build my 6.5 meter (21.3 feet) long dream ship, using 56,000 bricks,” he said.

He had the support from his family, especially his grandfather, and all the people who helped him buy the bricks through crowdfunding.

The Titanic Brynjar built from legos took him to a lot of places, among which Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Germany, as well the U.S., where he could show off with his creation.

“I was totally unable to communicate when I started the project and now I’m standing on stage and giving interviews,” Brynjar said as per The Guardian newspaper.

“It has given me confidence. When I started the building process I had a person helping me in school in every step that I took, but today, I’m studying without any support. I have had the opportunity to travel and explore and meet wonderful people.”

Listen to Brynjar proudly speaking of the largest replica of Titanic made out of lego bricks.


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