Australian Wildfires: Brave dog saves the flock of sheep as the farmer is putting out the fire.

The Australian fires have been burning for almost three weeks now. The damage that is done from these wildfires is unimaginable. 23 people lost their lives while almost half a billion animals are estimated to have perished in the fires. The damage done is so big that is surpasses the wildfires of the Amazon forest and that of California. These wildfires have been burning for weeks now and they have only been under control recently. Australia is devastated by this horrible tragedy.

What it’s even more concerning is that in Australia right now, it’s only the beginning of the summer. So this continent has to go through two more hot months and pray that nothing else happens. These wildfires that have erupted all over the land have been more than enough to ring the alarm bells on the Climate Change. We need to do something about the constant destruction that we are bringing to our planet. We need to take care of more of the Earth and make sure that we preserve the habitats that are not damaged yet. Or else we will be next to not make it through.

People have been trying to help with this cause, but apparently, animals don’t stand behind in giving a helping hand. Cath Hill who is a resident has been describing this event as an Armageddon. She says that there are people out there who have nothing left but clothes on their backs. But as she was trying to help others, on 31st December she witnessed something truly horrific on her brother’s farm. A wall of fire started surrounding the farm and if they would not intervene to put it out quickly, the results would have been terrifying.


Cath, along with her brother started working to put out the fire, while Patsy, the dog of the farm, was in charge of the sheep. Patsy is a border collie, which means that she is a special dog. She is particularly skilled to deal with sheep and she performs at her best during this case of emergency. Patsy moves the sheep to a safe area on the farm and secured a spot for herself also. While Cath and her brother were busy putting out the fires, Patsy took care of the herd. 

By the end of it all, some sheep were slightly harmed but that was it. The fires around the farm were finally put out and they managed to save their stuff. But while this is great news for Cath and her brother, we must say that others did not have the same luck. There are people out there who lost everything and they need our prayers today more than ever.

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