Appalled Mom Stands Up For Son When Daycare Sends Back Malicious Note

A Texas mom thought she’d send her kid to daycare with a lovely note, but what she got in return was shocking and uncalled for.

A shocking note from a daycare teacher

Francesca Easdon sent her child Kyler to daycare like any other day, but on this occasion, she sent him with a note to “make him smile at lunchtime,” she said in a since-deleted Facebook post, according to Fox News.

“Please tell Kyler that his mommy loves him so much and I’m thinking about him,” the note read.

What she got in return will make your stomach churn.

When the boy returned home, a message in the lunchbox read: “No! Put him on a diet and go away!”

Helping to make healthy choices

The mother was shocked. How couldn’t she be?

“I sent this note in Kylers lunchbox, thinking that it would make him smile at lunch time, but instead, I received this in return from one of the teachers!” Easdon posted on Facebook.

The mom said she had been working to introduce new healthy options in his lunchbox, though that she thinks her son is “absolutely perfect the way he is.”

“I’m just helping him make healthier choices,” she said, according to Fox.

The teacher was fired

It’s unclear what drove this daycare teacher to write such a hurtful note, but what we know is that Easdon immediately contacted the Rocking Horse Day Care where Kyler was going, who “assured” her the matter was being investigated “yet almost no remorse was shown,” she said.

“I am disgusted that I put my trust in these people to care for my child and this is what I get in return.”

According to Fox, the teacher who wrote the note admitted to doing so and was subsequently fired.

Meanwhile, Easdon took her son out of the daycare and enrolled him in a “beautiful new facility….Kyler’s safety and level of care comes first,” she wrote.

Rude and uncalled for

Regardless of what little Kyler looked like or how much he weighs, this teacher’s note is absolutely uncalled for. It’s so shocking that you have to wonder what drove the daycare teacher to send it.

But since we don’t have any more info other than what the mom wrote on Facebook, let’s just take this as a reminder to not comment on someone else’s weight — and never tell a mom to put her kid on a diet. Yeesh.

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