After two years of recovery from a shot to the head, a police officer is back at work

We all need to read and hear some feel-good stories because they are a mood changer. This is one of those stories, where a police officer came back to work after almost two years of recovery from a shot in the head back in 2018.
In Covington, Georgia, the Covington police department shared the fantastic news on their social media. Officer Matt Cooper was the officer that recovered and came back to work just a few days ago.

Back in September 2018, Officer Cooper and his sergeant received a shoplifting call, and they had to respond at the Walmart that it was happening. As they were arriving at the scene, two suspects were being taken into custody, but a third one was on the loose.

Cooper and his sergeant immediately started chasing the third suspect and, at one point, split up in different directions. After the incident happened, the sergeant said that he heard two loud gunshots, and when he turned to go help his officer, he found Cooper lying on the ground.

After he found him on the ground, he called an ambulance on the scene. He was instantly brought to the Atlanta Medical Center. Because of his injury, he had to be transferred to Grady Hospital. He was shot in the head by the third suspect that was on the loose, who later took his own life. Officer Cooper was lucky enough to survive the whole thing. Still, since the shooting, he had to go through intense recovery. We can surely say that Officer Cooper is made of steel.
After completing his rehabilitation, he was sent home, where he got the honours of throwing the first pitch in an Atlanta Braves game. Was is more spectacular is that he is now back on the force. The community is thrilled and immensely proud of him.

His department welcomed him back with open arms, and they have said in a post on their social media that they are blessed that they could have Officer Cooper back with them again.

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