Abandoned dog waits on his family’s front porch for weeks in hopes that they will let him in

There are some cruel and heartless people roaming around this world. I understand that moving can be a big thing and you cannot afford to take things with you, but not when it comes to abandoning dogs. 

A family living in Pennsylvania was obviously settling in somewhere else and they just decided to get rid of their adorable dog by just abandoning him. As we know dogs stay loyal to their owners until the end, so the desperate abandoned dog just roamed around the porch of the empty house. 

Hoping that someday the door would open by the owners welcoming him in, the dog would go days waiting in front of the house sometimes not even eating for days. The neighbours started to get concerned so they called an animal shelter for help. 

The shelter’s founder Janine Guido found the helpless dog searching for scraps of food in a dumpster. Janine gained the dogs trust slowly and took him in the shelter to get medical help and later on find a loving home. Around 50 people have applied to adopt this beautiful loving dog.  It is sad how these loyal creatures get abandoned. 

A relative of mine had a similar situation where he could not afford to raise his dog anymore. One day out of nowhere he took his dog to the car and drove him a few kilometres away from where he lived, then abandoned him in the middle of the road. 

The dog started running after the owner’s car as fast as he ever ran before, as far as my relative said. A few days later the dog found his way home looking skinny and hoping the owner would take him back. But the owner did worse. He took the dog to the car again and this time drove him as far as he could in a deserted landscape. 

No one knows what happened to the dog furthermore but most likely he did not make it due to being unfed and weak. 

It is just sad how these dogs suffer to be accepted by owners who abandoned them out of nowhere. If you cannot afford to raise a dog any longer things should be settled in an insufferable manner, such as giving it up for adoption or leaving him in a shelter at least. Dogs have souls too, they can get sad, confused and even emotionally damaged. 

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