A person is seen on Walmart using a bottle of mouthwash and then putting it back on the shelf.

Did you know that you can go to jail for twenty-two years for just doing something as, licking icecream at a market and then put it back for other people to buy? In court that is called, tampering with a customer product and it is considered to be a crime of second degree and they can really put you in jail for a long, long time. But despite this strict rule that is scary to even think about, people don’t seem to care that much. A person in Walmart is seen, using a bottle of mouthwash and then putting the bottle back for other people to buy.

The most disgusting thing about the whole story is that after gargling the liquid in their mouth, she dared to spit it back in the bottle, before leaving it in on the shelf. The video of this person has been posted on Twitter and has gone viral almost immediately with more than 18 million views and people are making a really big deal about it. After all, who knows? What if the people buying that bottle are going to use if for their kids? That’s obscene.

Walmart, on the other hand, has responded to the whole backlash, saying that if someone has really done that kind of action, they will take the procedures towards the court and let the law enforcement deal with everything. Well since Walmart has made this decision and the law speaks clearly about tampering with a customer product, I guess this person just put themselves in big trouble.

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