A kindergartener aged 5 invites his classmates to be present on his adoption day

Michael was sent for adoption by his original family. He was actually excited about getting adopted by his new family and saw it more like a celebration so he invited his whole kindergarten classmates to court to whiteness him getting adopted. Their classmates supported him and came to see his adoption while holding red hearts on a stick in a sign of love and support. 

After the adoption was done the whole class was applauding Michael for finally having a place to call home and a family who loves him. Many children do not have people to call family sometimes just because their birth parents do not want them. You can become an orphan at any time, of course, we are talking about until you turn 18. I kind of found myself without a mom or a dad at the age of 16 and I was very confused. My mom left for France with her boyfriend and never looked back, while my dad just kicked me out because he said that I acted too much like my mom and he was disgusted about that. 


The only one that helped me through that awful and confusing journey was my boyfriend who I had just met. He was unsure of who I really was but he took the risk and he let me stay at his house along with his parents. At first, it was such a scary situation. Imagine one day living with your parents and the other day being another family’s home. I was very lucky because since the very first day I stepped foot in my boyfriend’s house I was treated as if I was part of the family. His parents would cook, clean and do everything a child wants their parents to do at that age. 


That is where I finally realized that family is not who gives birth to you but family is the people that stay by your side and give you support whenever you need it. There are also people out there less cruel and leave their children because they are probably too young or financially unstable to have kids for that moment of life so they adopt their child or leave them in foster care. 

 One of the worst cases I have heard of one of my friends who was kind of an orphan and had no luck in having a family. He was taken from his mother by law at the age of 7 when she was found attempting to drown him by the lake near their house. The story is very sad because no child deserves to go through such a thing especially when he is that young of an age.

And the most funny part of all that I think was the real cause why the court decided to take away my friend from his mother was because when she was asked why she was drowning her own son she calmly said that it was no big problem, that she was just washing the evil spirit out of him. that story is kind of funny but at the same time sad when you realize that not everyone finds a home at the end.

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