A dean bought 100 generators and is delivering them by boat to help the people in Bahamas which was hit by Hurricane Dorian recently.

Nature can be very beautiful but at the same time very devastating with monstrous power. Due to climate change, things have been crazy with the weather, especially since a new hurricane seems to form every year. This year Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas causing massive damage and death upon the habitants. One local dean that lives in Florida decided to play his part and donate to the people who need it. What he did was beyond great.

The man who’s identity is unknown walked in a store and bought 100 generators by $450 a piece, costing him around $50,000. But he did not stop there. He went on to get food, water, and other vital supplies and send them by helicopter or plane to the Bahamas. The generators are going to be transported by boat since their weight is too much. But the challenge is all in the distance. Because the generators have to be transported from Jacksonville to Florida and then to the Bahamas. By the connections that the man got, he has managed to get other people involved in this mission.

The damage done to the farmers and locals in the Bahamas has been devastating for the native people, and since this man is originally from there, he feels as though is his duty to do something about it. So this help will at least help some and maybe, inspire others to do the same because the world is in a crisis and only through unity can we overcome difficulties.

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