97-Year-Old Betty White Credits Her Long Life To Vodka And Hot Dogs, And ‘Lots And Lots Of It’

Healthcare practitioners and the media frequently give information on how to live longer.

Publications do too.

A few of the oldest people living have said their characteristics, as well as their habits, contributed to their longevity.

Betty White, who is a comedian many people love, attributes her ability to remain lively after celebrating her 97th birthday to her passion for frankfurters and vodka.

It’s hard to believe January 17th was the day she turned 97.

While being interviewed by Parade, Betty explained how important it is to think positive. She advised people to focus on what is great.

She said that although that sounds like common knowledge, many people find things to complain about.

She stated that it’s easy to find wonderful things when you look for them.

Optimism has been Betty’s driving force in life and in the field of entertainment.

It is what kindles her ongoing passion for Robert Redford, an actor she is not willing to forget.

A man who was stated to be the oldest living male said whisky and ice cream were the fountain of youth for him.

His name was Richard Overton.

He died last December.

Do you think Richard and Betty’s ideas are valid?

View the following clip to see Betty White’s most hilarious moments.

Go to Instagram to enjoy her mischievous and cute antics and her funny jokes.

Betty, keep it going!


Is Betty someone you adore?

Do you like her take on living a long life, and do you practice behaviour similar to hers?

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