Baby Weighs 1.1 Lbs – Doctor Uses Sandwich Bag To Save Her

Each and every newborn has to be treated with lots of care, and we need to show them as much love as we can. But, this doctor had to take care of a prematurely born baby, which weighed a bit more than nothing.

During her Caesarean section, Sharon Grant was going crazy.

And, the common fear that pregnant women feel was not the only fear she was experiencing. She was mainly scared because of the fact that she was only in her sixth month of pregnancy.

During her regular check-ups, the doctors found out that the baby wasn’t developing inside her womb. They discovered that there were some issues with the umbilical cord and the placenta. And this stunted the development and growth of Sharon’s baby.

Delivery in the sixth month by itself is always a pretty risky situation, but this was the only way out for the baby.

Collect of Pixie Griffiths-Grant pictured in hospital after being born premature. See SWNS story SWTINY: A mum who gave birth to her baby three months early has told how she was so tiny when she was born – doctors put her into a Tesco SANDWICH BAG to keep her warm. Adorable Pixie Griffiths-Grant weighed just 1.1lbs when she was delivered by emergency C-section at 28 weeks – but her weight quickly fell to less than 1lb minutes after birth. Straight away, she was bundled into a see-through sandwich bag – emblazoned with the TESCO logo – to stop her body temperature dropping any lower. Lighter than half a bag of sugar and smaller than her mother’s hand, the baby girl was rushed to intensive care, where doctors expected her to survive for less than an hour.


And, once the doctors had finished the procedure, they were stunned by what they were seeing. They couldn’t believe how small the baby was.

To put it into perspective, the baby was only 1.1 pounds. And it was really small. The doctors were able to fit her into their hands.

Everybody in the operation room was pretty grim, and nobody believed that the baby would survive for more than an hour after the delivery.

There weren’t any instruments small enough that would be able to keep the baby warm. But, all of the doctors were determined that they are going to save the baby. And, if they were to do so, they needed to do something immediately.

This was the moment when one of the doctors in the room came up with what seemed like a pretty radical idea at the moment. Namely, the doctor asked one of the nurses that were in the room to run to the supermarket near the hospital and buy a box od sandwich bags.

The nurse thought that the doctor was joking and didn’t understand that he was serious. And, when she realized that he wasn’t kidding, she went and got what he was asking for.

Once he got his sandwich bags, he quickly took one out of the box and put the baby inside of the bag. After a while, they noticed that the baby was starting to warm up. And, shortly after, they noticed that her heartbeat started stabilizing. Finally, it seemed as though they had saved the baby.

The baby bit all the odds, and survived the first hour, after this she survived the first day, and then the second, third, she got to her first week. The doctors hated the waiting game, but it seemed as though it was good for the baby – she was growing!

And, during all this time, Sharon Grant, couldn’t touch her baby.

After long and agonizing 18 days of living in a sandwich bag in an incubator, the baby was finally in her mother’s hands. And, once she got her in her hands, she knew that she is going to call her Pixie.

After only a short time, the doctors decided that Pixie’s situation was stable, and they let her go from the hospital. But she was still small, and they still needed to do their regular check-ups.

During the whole time, Sharon was pretty worried about her little baby. But, against all the odds, Pixie managed to pull through. And, today, she is a healthy three-month-old baby.

Today, Pixie’s still growing. And today she is a healthy girl, she doesn’t have anything unusual except the fact that she is a bit smaller than her peers.

Her mother couldn’t believe that her daughter’s life was saved by something most people use to store their food in.

It might seem crazy to you, but this was not the first time that sandwich bags were used to save a bay.

Every baby that has been born under 3.3 pounds needs something to help them keep their water from evaporating out of their body through their thin skin. The bag creates a greenhouse effect, and this helps the babies keep the moister inside them.

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