30 Hilarious Clothing Design Fails That Are Hard To Believe Actually Happened

The fashion world is constantly creating new edge cutting designs, where often the attempts can result in clothing disasters.

Some of these blunders are often overlooked until such a time the mishap becomes totally obvious. In these instances perhaps a second opinion should have been sought.

We have compiled a collection of hilarious and ridiculous designs that will make you laugh. Scroll down to take a look.

Would You Wear This Wedding Dress?

Lots of chiffon going on here.

Scrabble On The Shirt.

I guess his wife was wondering about the letters on this P-E-D-O?

Dress Which Makes You Thinner

A design to make your body look slimmer.

Bowed Legs

Whoever designed this outfit must have been fired.

Just Why?

Who designed these Olympic uniforms?

What Are The Flies Doing?

This top would make a great gift for a mate!

Can You See It?

Did anyone notice the Shutter stock watermark on this?

Found This Shirt In A Charity Shop

I’m pretty sure these are pineapples??

Her Blazer

Who left her on set without anyone telling her….

Jeans Cost $168

Would you pay that for this fashion trend.

Yearbook Pic.

Please, this just makes me cringe.

Unlucky For Some.

#13 My Friends Got This At A Jump Rope Camp

Maybe its meant to say ‘rope’

Strange Logo…

Won’t be buying these for my man.

#15 Star Wars Socks Looked Cool

Until I put them on …..


Wheres her head gone?

Nice Top!


Singapore Water Polo Team


Minions Bikini

I bet that’s the last time she buys a Minions bikini.

My Sister Got This In An Asian Store.

I’m really not sure what’s happening here.

Nice Pants

That flower was put in the wrong place.


You’re doing it wrong.

I Thought This Woman Was Horribly Deformed

This makes her body look like a weird shape.

The Design On This Pants

Not sure about this one?

Gift From Beijing.

Was this done intentionally?

Inappropriate Placed Horn?

Did They Think This Design Through Properly?

Well okay then if you say so…..

These Brown And White Tie-Die Shorts

The ultimate fail.

This Shirt?

I want it…..

Spotted This Watching TV

In that exact order??

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