25+ dresses that celebrities had the courage to wear

For a lot of celebrities, what they wear can one of the most important things. Fashion is always a great thing if you want people to notice you, write about you, and talk about you. One celebrity can wear one t-shirt or put on one dress and all of the tabloids and news sites will write about it.

Red carpets are the main place where celebrities try to look their best. Also, some find or hire people to make a dress for them that will stand out and even get more attention. There have been ridicules dresses in the past, and we have made a list of the ones that have stood out the most.

1. Ming Xi

This is what you should wear to Victoria’s Secret after-party.

2. Kim Kardashian

This dress that Kim wore almost messes with your brain.

3. Deepika Padukone

The actress showed that wearing a dress that can reveal a lot of your body can still look classy.

4. Ciara

Diamonds all over Ciara’s dress.

5. Tiffany Haddish

This look made Tiffany Haddish look out of this world.

6. Halle Berry

No one else could have pulled off this dress, besides Halle Berry.

7. Jonathan Van Ness

Jonathan proved at this red carpet event that men can also pull off dresses.

8. Rita Ora

Along with that VMA award, Rita Ora should have taken a prize for looking so stunning.

9. SZA

Anything SZA puts on, it looks 10 times better on her.

10. Elsa Hosk

How can you not show off those legs? This dress was specifically made for Hosk.

11. Hailey Baldwin

This dress makes you think it is see-through but it is just an illusion.

12. Jennifer Lawrence

Covering the essential areas with flower petals, Lawrence looked stunning in this dress.

13. Demi Lovato

The see-through top and baddy pants looked amazing on Demi.

14. Jennifer Lawrence

This dress looks like hundreds of diamond neckless have been put together to make it.

15. Laverne Cox

Revealing yet classy, great choice Laverne.

16. Jaimie Alexander

A little more and this dress could have shown something that isn’t meant to be seen in public.

17. Kendall Jenner

Kendall is just pure beauty, waring this gold dress.

18. Chrissy Teigen

Slow and small steps were required, not to show too much.

19. Bella Hadid

When a person is naturally beautiful, that is not so much that a dress can add.

20. Gemma Chan

Gemma looked gorgeous on this vanity fair event, wearing a tinsel dress.

21. Emma Roberts

Not something you see Emma in so much, but she should continue to wear dresses like this.

22. Irina Shayk

We think that the dress Irina is in is the maximum you can show while attending events like this one.

23. Zoe Kravitz

Has Zoe ever disappointed with her dress choice? The answer is a huge NO.

24. Amber Rose

Amber has never been shy about showing something more.

25. Hailey Baldwin

With a body like that any bodysuit looks good on Hailey.

26. Kim Kardashian

Kim is always on top when it comes to glamourous dresses.

27. Toni Braxton

At that time this was a big statement from Braxton.

28. Beyonce

The jewels embedded on the dress made this 100 times more astonishing.

29. Jennifer Lopez

With curves like that, JLo can pull off any dress she puts on.

30. Bebe Rexha

Another dress illusion, this time with some jewels embedded. 

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