21 Botched Surgeries That Went Horribly Wrong.

The plastic surgery industry is financially thriving from individuals who wish to improve their natural looks.

Sadly not every procedure ends well sometimes too much filler is used or implants look completely fake, some just keep going until they are unrecognisable.

If you have ever considered going under the blade, then take a look at these botched surgeries before you do. 

Scroll down to see why you will think twice about it.

1 Is she wearing a mask?

2 How do you eat with lips like that? How quickly does she go through Chapstick??

3 Know when it’s time to stop.

4 You make the nose too small and it starts to make you resemble a skull.

5 Let’s not forget the shoe polish stencilled above her eyes.

6 I wish this lip filler trend would just die.

Even the ones that look okay always look so weird on the cupids bow.

7 Looks like a severe allergic reaction completely localised to her lips.

8 I’m starting to think the end goal is to get rid of noses.

They are getting smaller and smaller.

9 I’m going to assume that she can’t breathe through her nose anymore.

10 She was interviewed for a newspaper in my hometown

11 I don’t know why beautiful girls would do that to themselves.

12 The thing is, he looks like he has a good body under the oil implants.

It’s just the unrealistic standards that he set himself.

13 Free nose job in Argentina

14 Would love to see the before version.

15 I’m trying to understand the motivation behind this, and I just can’t.”

16 Yikes, she could have been pretty and kept a lot of money.

17 Wonder if she has a filter on?

18 She looks like a caricature from the New Yorker.

19 Can’t get this image out of my head.

20 Angelina Jolie stuck her face in a industrial vacuum

21 Barbie wannabe….

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