20+ Pictures Of People Not Having Much Luck With Their Day

Some people just seem to have all the luck in the world while others appear to have absolutely none.

Unfortunate mishaps do often have unfavourable results which leave us with hilarious stories to share. The only way to get through these awful situations is to find the humor from it.

Scroll down to take a look at funny situations people have found themselves in.

Did someone leave the grid open?

Maybe this woman should buy some after sun.

When You Use Coloured Bath Salts.

Seems animals don’t particularly like her…

When You Get Two For The Price Of One.

Seems Like They Ran Out Of Pepperoni.

No Hole?

Looks Like This Phone Is Cooked.

When You Are Allergic to everything!!

Just Bought A New Tyre….

Coming Home From A Long Day At Work….

Feeling A Bit Green After Finishing My Lovely Salad!!

This Is Not A Kitty Litter….

She’s Got Some Neck….

Don’t Forget To Check Your Underwear!!

My Eyelashes!!

When Your Mobile Auto Types Blind Instead Of Blonde.

One way to tell the waiter…

Not exactly what he was expecting to hook….

Ohhhh Dear…..

Totally Oblivious!!

Just in time….

Oh Oh Spaghettio….

Oh Noooo Grandpa!!

Run For Your Life…..

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