18+ People Who Had A Not-So-Happy Thanksgiving

Each of us have all encountered a Thanksgiving Day fail at least once.

Forgetting about the burnt turkey in the oven is only the start.  

Scroll down to take a look at these hilarious images which might bring back awful memories for you. 

1. This person whose brother saved him “a little bit of everything,” like he asked.

2. This person who used a lemon to ~lighten the mood~ during Thanksgiving.


3. This person who might need to adjust their recipe for next year.

4. This little girl who’s already over it.

5. This baker who got a bad tip on how to make their rolls:

“Calling dibs on the one giant roll!”

6. This person has cracked it…

7. This person who got QUITE the shock when purchasing their turkey.

Thanksgiving is canceled!

8. The unfortunate person that ends up with THIS cake.

Well, shit.

9. This person custom ordered one, too.

I’d like a refund.

10. Easy mistake…

11. This person who didn’t candy their yams so much as kill their yams.



13. How many of you are guilty of this….

14. This person who made a cornbread mass for one.

“It’s aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!”

15. This person who’s less about welcoming people and more about frightening them.

16. This person who tried cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but didn’t get too far before disaster struck.

Maybe stick with online recipes this year.

17. And finally, this person who’s going to miss Thanksgiving altogether:


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