12 Pics That Made People Say, “Oops! Forgot About That!”

You know that feeling when you have done something weird in your life and regret that after everybody notices.

These following people probably felt exactly the same as that.

We have compiled 29 images that you won’t forget. Let these be a warning you are about to explode with laughter

Just Call!

I think people would call you if you included your telephone number.

Hey, my girlfriend’s up here!

That’s his girlfriend on top, he’s not getting out of this easy.


in the snow

Did someone forgot their Halloween decorations either that or a person has been dead for a while.

Incomplete Snickers

Someone probably got fired for this.

Making The Headlines

Looks like somebody forgot to proofread the headline before the newspaper went to print.


This mess is what happens when you forget you’re making caramel.

That sunroof

When you forget to close you sunroof in January until you return the next morning after a snowstorm.

Large green vase

Don’t send a colour blind employee for items.

Mini vacation

Looks like this person’s isn’t going to get too far.


Check out the surprised look on this feline!

Sprouting sink

Planting seeds in the sink, must be a new method.

Tiger stripes

This is what happens when you forget to put on sunscreen on before your stripes.

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