You can’t fool the genes! This is how the youngest heir of Jackson appears today

It was in 2002 that Jackson welcomed his youngest heir!

Blanket’s resemblance to his dad is beyond words!

The pop star’s son has already grown up whose new photos can be found in this article!

It is no secret that the King of Pop was a father of three children. Paris and Prince were born during his marriage with D. Rowe. What concerns Blanket, he was born through surrogacy and shares striking resemblance to his legendary father.

The kids of the pop star were still little when they lost their father. The eldest heirs were 11 and 12, while Blanket was only 7. It was their grandmother and matriarch of the Jackson family who were temporary responsible for looking after the kids.

After the passing of their father, they kept living at the family’s San Fernando Valley. Few know that it was Blanket whom his father was about to «accidentally» drop from the balcony covering his face with a blanket which evoked intrigue.

Camera lenses have lately captured the guy who has already grown up and his incredible resemblance to his dad has become even bigger and deeper.

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