Numerous things have been going on that have caused a great deal of contention among us. This is because of the way, we see things. This can cause a conflict in conclusions. In our present reality, now and then, helping the less privileged may in the long run, cause you harm. At that point, the inquiry is, in the event that I realize that making the best decision may cause me harm, for what reason would it be advisable for me to do it at a point? Is it worse doing the wrong thing and not getting into convenience for it?

This was the situation for a New Hampshire school cafeteria staff who was sacked for giving a young boy food, notwithstanding when he couldn’t manage the cost of it. Goodness that is really fascinating. It was said by the New Hamsphire Union Leader that Bonnie Kimball, who worked in the Mascoma Valley Regional High School Lunchroom, let a kid take $8 worth of nourishment on the 28th of March. It was guaranteed that Bonnie advised the kid to illuminate his mother that he expected to pay back the cash.

Kimball said that she told the kid that he should tell his mother that he needs cash. In spite of the kid paying the cash back the next day. She was sacked. It was said that she disregarded the organization’s policy. The staffs and co-workers did not take this likely; they have started protest and campaigns all in the name of Bonnie Kimball. They said she made the best choice and she should be awarded for it. She didn’t let go of a poor hungry kid. Moreover, the kid paid the money back the next day.

She has worked for the organization for long. She said that she had been following her director’s guidelines so as not to cause a scene. It has been reported that two of Kimball’s co-workers resigned due to this. What is your view on this? Do you believe that she made the best decision? Is it accurate to say that it was a reasonable decision by both parties?

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