A mother shared an issue in Reddit’s r/AITA subreddit. The woman stated that she had two marriages, and between her children, there is an age gap, where her oldest daughter is 25, and her youngest are 7 and 9.

The woman shared that her children are believing that Santa exists, and he will bring them presents under the Christmas tree. Then OP stated that her daughter had a son, and her son doesn’t believe that Santa is real, and she was afraid that her grandson would ruin the Christmas for her younger children.

OP decided to talk with her daughter about the issue, as she shared that she said to her daughter, about talking with her grandson so he wouldn’t talk about Santa during the Christmas, and her daughter stated that she is not going to make her son lie about Santa, which she explained that her half-siblings are old enough to understand that fairy tales are not true.

Then OP shared that she told her daughter, whether she talks to her son about it, or she can spend Christmas in her own apartment. Her daughter was upset with the issue, where she stated that her mother is chosing her siblings over her, about a non-sense issue, and stated that she is being unreasonable.

As OP stated that her husband is supporting her decision, he stated that she went harsh on her daughter. As OP shared, “I just want to keep the Christmas magic alive.” She wanted some advice from the Redditors.

The Redditors who read the story stated, that the OP was wrong with her actions, and didn’t like how she handled the situation.

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