A woman shared her story of how she caught the affair of her husband on Reddit’s r/relationship_advice subreddit. The OP explained that she found expensive women’s glasses in the counter of her kitchen, and when she asked about them her husband and eldest son lied to her.

As OP explained, her husband had stated that he was in communication with another woman about a situation, where he stated that the other woman was much better than his wife. OP shared, “I told him it was completely unnecessary and hurtful to compare her to me to compliment her. He told me I was being unreasonable and jealous and that he didn’t mean anything by it. After that he didn’t say anything else about it so I dropped it.”

On the next day, the OP found expensive female glasses on the kitchen. As she picked them, she asked her husband and her eldest son about whom they belonged, but both of them lied, as her husband stated that he doesn’t know, and his eldest son stated that the glasses belonged to his friend, Allison.

Then OP stated that she will return the glasses to her, as she was suspicious for a child to have that expensive glasses.

OP wrote, “When I spoke to Alison’s mother she confirmed that they weren’t Alison’s, and that neither she nor her daughter owned sunglasses like that.”

As she talked again with her husband and her eldest son about the glasses, she stated, “my son went from saying that he could’ve sworn they were Alison’s to well maybe not maybe I don’t know who’s they are. And then my husband said that he does remember taking the sunglasses out of our son’s backpack when he was getting out his lunch stuff.”

On the next day, her youngest son, stated that he recognized the glassess, as he stated that they belonged to Noelle, the woman her husband had compared, and complimented on the breakfast.

The OP’s heart skipped a beat when she heard it. As her husband came back to house after his work, she confronted him and wrote, “My husband has not realized they were hers, he thought they were mine which is why he didn’t move them. My older son realized whose they were immediately which is why he lied about them. He knew I was about to find it all out and was trying to cover.”

As OP returned the glasses to their owner, Noelle, she learned that her husband had lied to Noelle that with his wife, they were on the brink of separation. OP wrote, “She looked really confused and told me why would I care if we were separated anyway?”

Then she talked with her, and both of the women were devastated to know that the husband had lied to them both.

After OP confronted with her husband, he stated that he was not sure of his feelings, and when he figure it out that if they were real against Noelle, he would tell the truth to his wife, and he was afraid to lose her.

Then OP kicked him out, and Noelle left him too, after they learned about his lies. OP stated that she is on the process of divorce, and she will never communicate with him, except through their lawyers.

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