Why I am Here, and Why You Couldn’t Stop me from Spreading

Coronavirus is at the center of all attention at the moment. With lots of people focusing on al the havoc that this pandemic is wreaking upon our world. We oftentimes oversee the good things that it is doing for our planet. Mainly by keeping humans – the main reason for pollution on the Earth at home and in quarantine.

As we evolved into this “Alpha Being,” and we’ve risen above all the other species, we forgot how dependent we actually are on them. Our ego took over, and we as humans went overboard.

This video is trying to bring us down a bit and explain to us that we are not the owners of the planet. Actually, we’re only guests on this piece of rock that has gone through a lot of changes in the relatively short period of time it has lived in the Universe. And frankly, we won’t be here forever.

It is a powerful message that shows us how connected we actually are to the rest of life on Earth. It presents an actual message from the virus to all humankind. A warning if you wouldn’t mind us calling it that.

This virus showed us that even with the most evolved technology, we couldn’t do anything to stop it from spreading like crazy. In fact, if anything, our advanced technology only helped the virus spread across the world and evolve as fast as it did. Causing the problems that it caused.

And now, it’s our turn to show what we as humans can do to stop the spread and “Flatten the Curve” as people love to say.

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