When it comes to being disabled, even as a dog you can get mistreated.

Now that you are reading this article you have probably seen a disabled person get mistreated or people acting indifferent towards them. Well, it appears that this kind of indifference from the human race is not only towards our own species but also towards other fellow mammals. Recently a paralyzed dog has been found on the street where her crucial owners dumped her on a wheelchair and diapers. The name of the dog is Lunita and she was found by a local and the animal service was contacted to come and give her the first aid.


Despite being old in dogs years and not being able to walk, Lunita looks beautiful and no other being should be treated like she was by her previous owners. She was given the help she needed when she arrived at the vet clinic and she was put to a fixed wheelchair. The previous owners that treated Lunita like that were never found because the people finding Lunita on the streets were never able to track them. After the story was shared Lunita was than taken to the United States.


There Lunita was able to find the comfort and good treatment that she finally deserved. When the story first broke out, people reacted to this cruel act of humanity where animals are left as if they were nothing, just because they might be paralyzed. For her sake, Lunita was able to live until the age of 11, where she then started to collapse and her health started to decline. But despite through the struggles and the mistreatment, Lunita was able to leave this Earth in happiness.

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