What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Personality!

People around the world have constantly been making efforts to understand the human race better. This particular study about sleeping positions and personalities is a first!

#6 Calm And Reliable!

#6 Calm And Reliable!

If you are one of those who loves sleeping facing the sides with your knees sticking out, chances are high that you may just be the rock in your group!

Considered to be calm and extremely reliable, this prototype is often found being composed even in the worst situations. Getting offended and/or being scared of the future are things that come to you very seldom!

data-reader-unique-id="8">#5 Vulnerable!

#5 Vulnerable!

Sleeping in fetal position although may be the most recommended for sound sleep, says something really off about your personality!

Curling up like a baby, could refer to you shutting out your problems. Fetal position sleepers are usually found to be extremely artistically driven – so if you find a musician, painter, dancer or writer curled up like a baby, you know what kind of people they are!

#4 Impulsive!

#4 Impulsive!

If you like sleeping on your stomach with your arms and legs sticking out, it is highly likely that you are a control freak!

You are impulsive and always have things under control. You are responsible and love to plan and foresee things. Surprises usually don’t go down too well on you -and we can see why!

#3 Positive!

#3 Positive!

You are one strong bundle of positivity if you are usually sleeping on your back.

Facing situations with a smile comes naturally to you and so does being the centre of everyone’s attention. You are honest and would probably be right (almost)all the time, but not necessarily assertive while stating a point!

#2 Well – Adjusted!

#2 Well - Adjusted!

Like sleeping like a soldier in attention? Chances are high that you are sorted and well-adjusted in life!

You probably are someone who takes life too seriously and are often found constantly competing against yourself. You love discipline, much like your sleeping character, and are someone who would go to any extent to ensure your schedules are not messed with!

#1 Unpredictable!

#1 Unpredictable!

Like sleeping with one leg raised? Chances are high that you are the most unpredictable thing your family has seen till date!

You love adventure and are always on your feet. Be it work or personal life, you adore stability and thoroughness but you are also always found being indecisive and moody. Whether you master a craft or not is subjective, but you sure could be a jack of all trades!

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