Viral video for mother’s day

A video has resurfaced that was posted last year by Hallmark that depicts how challenging and rewarding at the same time motherhood is. Now it has over 3 million views, and people are still watching it because of its powerful message. 

The video is a look into motherhood, and what mothers have to go through while raising their children. It shows how messy it could be, how they have to do multiple things at the same time, and how hard they have to work to make their children’s life better.

In the video, you can see how a mother is raising her children. Form toddlers who need her attention and help all the time, growing up, and being teenagers who want to be left alone. Then, in the end, how the children have kids of their own.

You can hear the narrator saying how mothers don’t realize that at a certain time, it will be the last time they hold them in their arms. How it will be the last time, they will be giving them a bath or carrying them to their room to go to bed. No mother is ready and is preparing for the day they will leave all of that in the past. In the end, you see how her daughter’s having her baby and will finally understand what her mother had to endure.

If you haven’t got your tissues next to you, go get them and be ready for a fantastic representation of motherhood.

Mothers day is comming soon lets make sure everyone sees this video you know what to do x

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