Unknown man leaves a water bottle on the bonnet of this woman’s car, prompting her to issue a chilling warning.

After experiencing what she describes as “kidnapping methods” at the hands of an unknown individual, one woman has delivered a stark warning to other women who drive.

On TikTok, American Haley West described the terrifying event that she went through while standing in front of a shopping center.

She explained that she was on her way to her vehicle while carrying her purchases when a man yelled out to her.

He then followed her to her vehicle before stating that it was his. He had previously called out to her to find out what her name was.

She related the following story, which may be seen in the video that is located above: “This man walks right up to my car and he’s like, ‘come check out my car it’s lovely it’s a Lexus, you like it?’”

“Like it’s my automobile, despite the fact that I didn’t react to it since doing so would have given away the fact that it’s my car.”

She stated that rather than getting into her car, she went across the street to ask for assistance from a passerby.

As soon as it was safe to do so, she made her way back to her vehicle and went inside.

When she looked again, she saw a water bottle perched atop the hood.

She made the statement, “I don’t want that to correspond, but it’s never happened to me.”

“I just wanted to stress that you should always be mindful of your surroundings, and especially if you’re a woman, you should be careful out there,” the speaker said.

After the video went viral, Haley posted a follow-up video in which a viewer responded to her question.

A reader said that there was a terrible explanation for why the bottle was placed on the hood of her car.

“The person who is trying to abduct or traffic you may use this strategy to convince you to get out of your vehicle and steal whatever is on top of the vehicle.

“If anything is still on the hood of your car when you get back to it, just leave it there and drive away; it will fall off on its own.”

It comes after yet another TikTok user, this time in Canada, discovered a terrible message scrawled in the snow on her trash can.

She was perplexed by the fact that someone had drawn the number one and the letter F in the snow with their finger.

However, she quickly discovered that it meant “one female,” and she was advised that it might be a method for visitors to convey that she was the only occupant of her home.

Jade says that after she phoned the police, the officers emptied the trash can and advised her to “remain safe.”

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