Lion kisses the hand of his dog companion, gets 58M views

This lion purposefully kisses the paw of her dog friend, showcasing a tremendous connection that defies the law of nature.

Lions and dogs are totally different in so many ways, such as lifestyle, diet, and instincts. Many would totally agree that they can never live alongside each other.

However, the case is different between Miki, the lion, and Camila, the dog. Being raised together since they’re babies, these two created a magical bond that defies science.

When Miki was rescued and turned over to the sanctuary, they found out that he didn’t come alone. He was with his friend Camila.

They soon allowed them to be with each other. There are many scenarios that caretakers see them enjoying each other’s company, and one of those is captured on a video

Miki takes the hand of Camila and gently makes a kiss. When he tries to do it again, Camila suddenly runs away. This might be a short clip, but it reaches the heart of millions of viewers online.

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