These parents have strong feelings about their daughter staying up late to read

As parents, we tend to raise our children at the best of our abilities no matter the sacrifice it takes. When we see them thrive and turn into respected individuals it feels like a dream come true.

However, when they are still young, most children are difficult to handle. They throw tantrums, do what they please, and rarely agree with their parents.

Parents on the other hand try really hard to form strong bonds and get along with their children, but no matter what they do, they are sometimes judged for their parenting style.

The McNees are a wonderful family who have an 8-year-old daughter in love with reading.

Of course, they love the fact their girl is an enthusiastic reader, but they make the entire experience of reading even more exciting because she believes she acts as a little rebel when she reads past her bad time.

The girl hides under the covers with her flashlight to read Harry Potter books.

Well, although she reads as an act of ‘rebellion’ and stays up late, her mom and dad are fully supportive and they even make sure that her flashlights always have fresh batteries.

Once the McNees shared this cute story there were people out there who suggested they should buy their daughter a headlamp. The parents explained they did buy her one, but she still preferred her flashlights.

Reading under the covers is an experience we all remember from our childhood, right?

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