These Blue Birds Will Make You Forget About The Quarantine For A Second.

With over a billion people quarantined all over the world because of the coronavirus, nature has taken a well-deserved break from pollution. Cleaner air and less noise mean that birds are calmer and more inclined to approach people. Some of the most beautiful of these are bluebirds.


These gorgeous creatures are scattered all over North America. Although you can find them far south as Nicaragua. They are territorial creatures and can be mean to other birds trying to control their territory. Feeding on insects and berries they tend to hover while getting their food. Generally, live in open country and tree farms. 

They are cooperative couples, both bridging food to the nest. The blue calming color of the birds is very soothing to the eye. It’s actually the reflection of light on their feathers that gives the bluebird it`s beauty. Their tails are amazing too, with specks of white or red on them. Mountain bluebirds are a bit smaller than their cousins but also the bluest of the three. Western bluebirds have a hint of red. The eastern ones have a more brick color in the belly.              


Courtship is a show off for the male who calls for any candidates in the vicinity. When they find a female the dance is a sight to behold. They check out each other meticulously with the male displaying his plumage. If the female trusts him she’ll let him feed her. And on they go in the hidden cavity of a tree where mostly the female builds the nest with twigs and dry grass.          


The secret to observing these beautiful creatures is from afar. They tend to be pretty aggressive but nevertheless there ways you can enjoy their company. Nest building is the most preferred method. It has helped the population of bluebirds bounce back. With nest trails spawning all over the US and Canada. You can try to feed them berries but it’s not an easy task. Although some can be more friendly and land on your hand. It doesn’t hurt trying.                                                                       

So if you’re feeling melancholic or just bored take a moment to admire one of nature’s gorgeous creations. Birds, in particular, are a symbol of freedom which I hope we appreciate a little more when the pandemic is over and we go on with our lives. Who knows if you build a nest box you might just make friends with one of these little fellas.

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