The Remarkable Transformation of Conrado’s Nose

Conrado, a painter who is 58 years old, underwent a life-altering event that totally changed the appearance of his prominent nose.

It was fate that brought him and a superb plastic surgeon together to begin this amazing journey.

However, let’s first take a moment to appreciate Conrado’s distinctive nose before this life-altering experience before we get into his amazing transformation.

Estrada was working at the surgeon's home when he noticed his nose. Photo / Dr Thomas Romo III/Instagram

Conrado can still clearly remember the exact moment the plastic surgeon saw him for the first time.

It seemed like fate had stepped in at that pivotal moment.

Dr Romo said when he met Estrada, he appeared to have "a penis on his nose". Photo / Dr Thomas Romo III/Instagram

The surgeon had great insight and saw right away the enormous potential for a procedure that could change people’s lives.

Conrado describes the surgery as a miraculous turning point that has completely changed his life, and he is incredibly grateful for it.

Painter Conrado Estrada was suffering from Rhinophyma. Photo / Dr Thomas Romo III/Instagram

Furthermore, it is clear from the remarkable before-and-after pictures just how much our noses can affect our sense of self and confidence.

The change was remarkable. Photo / Dr Thomas Romo III/Instagram

Please feel free to leave your comments below regarding this amazing transformation.

Estrada described Romo as "an angel". Photo / Dr Thomas Romo III/Instagram

Let’s honor Plastic Surgery’s ability to transform lives and Conrado’s incredible journey.

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